Golden Namibia 14 Days

A delightful 14 days exploring the far south and north of Namibia and a cultural experience in a local Himba Village.
•             Accommodation: dinner, bed & breakfast
•             Dune Drive and Sossusvlei Excursion
•             Dolphin Cruise & Sandwhich Harbour 4x4 Combo
•             Visit to Twyfelfontein graves & Burnt Mountain
•             Afternoon & Full Day Game Drive
•             Vehicle

Day 1:   Kalahari Anib Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia, Mariental

With its well-developed infrastructure, some of the best tourist facilities in Africa and an impressive list of breath-taking natural wonders, touring Namibia is truly a pleasure. Visit the capital of Windhoek and the lovely coastal town of Swakopmund to discover remnants of the country’s German influence, reflected in the architecture, culture, cuisine and the annual Oktoberfest celebrations. To properly appreciate this extraordinary country, you will have to venture out of the cities to explore the remarkable natural landscapes Namibia has to offer. These include: the impressive Fish River Canyon Park; the vast Etosha National Park teeming with local subspecies, such as desert lions, desert elephants and the Hartmann's Mountain Zebra; the hauntingly beautiful Kalahari Desert; and of course the Namib Desert stretching for nearly 1000 km along the magnificent Atlantic coastline. Namibia is an ideal destination for travellers seeking an unforgettable African experience in a uniquely beautiful untamed wilderness.
Situated in south central Namibia, fringing the Kalahari Desert, the city of Mariental lies along the TransNamib railway and serves as the Hardap Region’s commercial and administrative capital. It provides an important petrol stop before heading west to Sesriem to view the red-orange dunes of Sossusvlei. Mariental is located close to magnificent the Hardap Dam, which is the largest reservoir in Namibia. The Hardap Irrigation Scheme has breathed life into this arid terrain, which is now fertile with farmlands covered in citrus, melons, lucerne, wine and maize, and dotted with ostrich farms. The dam is a popular holiday resort which draws city slickers from Windhoek and offers an array of waters ports, scenic walks, and abundant wildlife in a 20000-hectare nature reserve set on its western bank; where visitors can spot rhino, ostrich, antelope, springbok and a variety of bird species.
Overnight: Kalahari Anib Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia    
Kalahari Anib Lodge lies like a lush green oasis in the midst of red Kalahari dunes. The restaurant and chalets are arranged around a shaded courtyard with a large swimming pool. 52 rooms (30 Twin Standard, 17 Twin Comfort and 5 Family Comfort Rooms) with a private veranda are available for tour groups. Located about 30 km northeast of Mariental the lodge makes for a perfect stopover on the way south.
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 2:   Canyon Roadhouse Gondwana Collection Namibia, Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon
The intermittent Fish River has created Africa’s largest and the world’s second largest canyon. Hot, dry and stony the 160 km long, at times 27 km wide and 550m deep canyon is awe inspiring. At the southern end are the renowned hot springs of Ai-Ais.
Overnight: Canyon Roadhouse Gondwana Collection Namibia     
Due to its elaborate décor Canyon Roadhouse has acquired a sort of cult status in Namibia: the good old days of the automobile are celebrated in the theme restaurant and bar. Enjoy a slice of the legendary Amarula cheesecake among coachwork arranged with loving care. The geology, flora, fauna and history of the area are explained on display boards at the Canyon Information Centre. Situated directly on the road to the Fish River Canyon, 14 km from the gate to the viewing points, Canyon Roadhouse offers 24 immaculate en-suite rooms with air conditioning, a swimming pool and a petrol station.
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 3:   Canyon Roadhouse Gondwana Collection Namibia, Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon Viewpoint
This viewpoint has probably the best – and most photographed – overall canyon outlook, with views that take in the sharp river bend known as Hell's Corner. Better still, it's accessible to everyone, not just those hiking the full five-day canyon trail.
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 4:   Klein-Aus Vista Desert Horse Inn Gondwana Collection Namibia, Aus

This region is typified by the Succulent Karoo. The distinctive climatic characteristics of the Succulent Karoo make it different from all other deserts in the world. Rainfall is reliable and predictable, falling mostly in winter, and prolonged droughts are rare. The Succulent Karoo’s botanical diversity is unparalleled by any other arid region on earth and is the world’s only plant hotspot that is entirely arid. This ecoregion is home to greater than 5,000 higher plant species, nearly 40 percent of which are endemic, and 18 percent of which are threatened. It has the richest succulent flora in the world, harbouring about one-third of the world’s approximately 10,000 succulent species. Other unique features include the diversity of miniature succulents (435 spp.) and geophytes (bulb-like plants 630 spp.). The ecoregion is also a center of diversity and endemism for reptiles and many invertebrate taxa, especially monkey beetles (Rutelinae: Hoplinii). The Namib Desert ecoregion to the north is characterized by extremely low and variable summer rain (less than 50 mm per year), and extremely sparse plant cover, dominated by ephemerals. To the east lies the Nama Karoo ecoregion, a low open shrubland with variable grass cover and highly variable rain that falls mainly in the late summer months.
Overnight: Klein-Aus Vista Desert Horse Inn Gondwana Collection Namibia           
Located in the Aus Mountains at 1,400 metres above sea level, Desert Horse Inn affords grand vistas of mountain scenery and sweeping desert plains. It consists of 24 spacious and tastefully decorated en-suite rooms. Relax with sundowners on the wooden deck before enjoying a 3-course meal in the restaurant. Exchange travel experiences and recommendations at the evocative Wild Horse Bar or at the cosy fireplace in the lounge.
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 5:   Klein-Aus Vista Desert Horse Inn Gondwana Collection Namibia, Aus        

Amongst the sands of the Namib, the crumbling buildings of a small, once-luxurious town emerge from the drifting dunes. This ghost town is Kolmanskop, a reminder of the wealth of a time when diamonds could be picked by hand from the desert, and a remarkable photographic opportunity with few equals anywhere on earth.
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 6:   Namib Desert Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia, Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei is where you will find the iconic red sand dunes of the Namib. The clear blue skies contrast with the giant red sand dunes to make this one of the natural wonders of Africa and a photographers heaven. Aside from the attractions at Sossusvlei - Dune 45, Hiddenvlei, Big Daddy and Deadvlei - other attractions in the area include the Sesriem Canyon and Namib-Naukluft National Park, where the mountains of the Namib meet its plains.
Overnight: Namib Desert Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia
The main building and the chalets of Namib Desert Lodge are spread out along the foot of the fossilised dunes of the ancient Namib. A comfortable sojourn is guaranteed by 65 en suite rooms with air conditioning. A restaurant and bar, an inviting terrace with views of the fossilised dunes and two swimming pools beckon you to linger and relax. Oryx antelope and springbok make frequent appearances at this illuminated watering place.
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 7:   Namib Desert Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia, Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei - The Vlei
This is the vlei itself where, for now, the waters of the Tsauchab River disappear into the red sands of the Namib.
Sossusvlei - The Red Dunes
This magnificent desert wilderness of vast, rust-coloured sand dunes, clay pans and petrified forests lies in the Namib-Naukluft Park. Formed over countless centuries, some of the dunes measure up to 300 metres in height and are among the highest in the world. In the rare event of an especially wet rainy season, the ‘vlei’ – meaning marsh or wetland – of Sossusvlei fills up with water, and its glistening surface forms a strikingly beautiful contrast with the reddish dunes.
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 8:   The Delight Swakopmund Gondwana Collection Namibia, Swakopmund

Founded in 1892 as the main harbour for German South West Africa, Swakopmund is often described as being more German than Germany. Now a seaside resort, Swakopmund is the capital of the Skeleton Coast tourism area and has plenty to keep visitors happy. The quirky mix of German and Namibian influences, colonial-era buildings and the cool sea breeze make it very popular.
Overnight: The Delight Swakopmund Gondwana Collection Namibia        
Among the town’s captivating contrasts and old traditions, Gondwana’s Delight is a fresh breeze in the desert. Conveniently located within short walking distance of the ‘Mole’, this modern, uplifting and inviting hotel is the ideal base for your stay. Every effort is made to surprise and delight guests with thoughtful touches and locally inspired reasons to smile. From the easy comfort of the hotel, the warm and welcoming service Gondwana is known for, to the assistance provided by knowledgeable Delight hosts for anything from activity bookings to dinner reservations – your stay is always an effortless and memorable experience. The Delight boasts 54 rooms, of which 10 of these are loft family rooms. There is a breakfast dining room, a cozy bar, a garden and secure parking. The hotel is centrally located and easy walking distance from central town.
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 9:   The Delight Swakopmund Gondwana Collection Namibia, Swakopmund

Dolphin & Seal Cruise
Sandwich Harbour 4x4 Excursion
The boat proceeds to Pelican Point, where visitors can experience the excitement of feeding seals. It is also highly exhilarating to see dolphins riding the bow of the boat. With a bit of luck, visitors might see a sunfish and the Leatherback turtles. In season, larger mammals such as the southern right whale and the humpback whale may be spotted and occasionally the killer whales/orcas. Afterwards, relax on the boat and enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne with fresh oysters and snacks.
Sandwich Harbour
Located roughly 50 kilometres from Walvis Bay, Sandwich Harbour is a natural lagoon framed by sand dunes on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. It is a prime angling and bird-watching site, with countless sea birds coming to feed on the rich fish population, including rare white pelican and vivid flocks of pink flamingos.
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 10:  Damara Mopane Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia, Damaraland

Huge, untamed and ruggedly beautiful Damaraland is an exceptionally scenic landscape of open plains and spectacular rock formations. The major attractions are Spitzkoppe, the Brandberg, Twyfelfontein, Vingerklip and the Petrified Forest.
Overnight: Damara Mopane Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia             
Built in the wattle and daub style under Mopane trees and connected by a labyrinth of paths, the main building and chalets of the lodge look like an African village. The walls are adorned by copies of the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein. Each of the 60 double-room chalets (with air conditioning) sits in a vegetable and herb garden surrounded by a low wall. The gardens supply fresh ingredients for supper, which consists of a starter followed by a delicious buffet. There is a swimming pool for chilling out and a viewing point for relishing sunsets. The lodge at the gates of Damaraland is ideally suited for excursions to Twyfelfontein (130 km), the Petrified Forest (70 km) and the Vingerklip rock pillar (50 km).
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 11:  Etosha Safari Camp Gondwana Collection Namibia, Etosha South

Etosha South
Located just south of the boundary of Etosha National Park in northwestern Namibia, Etosha South makes up the southern region of this wild paradise. Ongava Private Game Reserve shares the southern boundary with Etosha National Park and offers an array of luxury lodges overlooking picturesque landscapes dotted with abundant wildlife. The national park can be accessed via the southern entrance at Andersson’s Gate. Visitors can catch a glimpse of a variety of wildlife including: lion, giraffe, elephant, white and black rhino, and a multitude of plains game. Popular activities include: game drives, tracking rhinos on foot, guided nature walks, or watch the sunset over this magnificent landscape.
Omapha Himba Village
Omapha Himba Village
Omapha Himba Village in Etosha South, Namibia, is home to the indigenous Himba tribe, who are half-nomadic people. The people are famous for maintaining the traditional way of life of their ancestors up to recent times. External influences have not polluted them, and this reflects in the way they dress, cook, trade, interact and live. An array of wildlife can be seen roaming freely close to the village. Guided tours are offered, and guests can look forward to exploring the village in its natural environment.
Overnight: Etosha Safari Camp Gondwana Collection Namibia     
Etosha Safari Camp is situated just 10 km south of Andersson Gate on the C 38 between Outjo and Okaukuejo. 50 twin-bedded chalets nestle among Mopani trees and impart a feeling of living in the lap of African nature. Each of them is equipped with mosquito gauze, air conditioning and its own bathroom and small veranda. Special attractions are the Okambashu Restaurant and the Oshebeena Bar, styled like a typical little township bar and brimming with African joie de vivre. Etosha Safari Camp is the perfect base for safari excursions into Etosha - with an experienced guide on the daily game drive or by yourself in your own car.
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 12: Etosha Safari Camp Gondwana Collection Namibia, Etosha South

Etosha Game Drive
Etosha Game Drive
Game drive through Etosha National Park searching for predators, plains game, reptiles & birds. Game drives are conducted in custom built safari vehicles with a pop-up roof and large opening windows to maximize photographic opportunities. Depending on the time of year, these game drives take many different routes, but most often focus around the waterholes where you are most likely to see a variety of wildlife taking the chance to get a drink and swim.
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

Day 13: AVANI Windhoek Hotel & Casino, Windhoek

Windhoek is Namibia’s capital, home to an international airport and a plethora of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and accommodation options. The city is clean, safe and well-organised, with a colonial legacy that is reflected in its many German eateries and shops, and the widespread use of the German language. Windhoek has an interesting mix of historical architecture and modern buildings, many of which are worth a look, including the Alte Feste (Old Fort), the 1896 Christuskirche (Christ Church), and the more contemporary Supreme Court.
Overnight: AVANI Windhoek Hotel & Casino        
Set in Namibia’s vibrant capital and featuring prominently amongst hotels in Windhoek, AVANI Windhoek Hotel & Casino offers the ultimate spot to sleep, work, and play in style. Have the perfect start or finish to a great African adventure with plenty to do from living it up in the hotel casino, chilling by the rooftop pool, or exploring downtown Windhoek. With stylish rests, fun in the sun, and total connectivity, it’s all the details that matter… done well!
Bed & Breakfast

Day 14: End of Itinerary

Day Itinerary
Departure to the airport according to your flight home.

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